Road Trip - Crescent City Florida

03/22/2013 11:50 AM | Anonymous

Crappie fishing and lodging at Lake Crescent, Florida

Having been hooked by the crappie bug I have been venturing to places far and wide in chase of the spotted creatures. A recent trip came at the advice of some crappie pros. Several anglers from the Bass Pro Crappie Masters tournament trail suggested I try Crescent Lake in Putnam and Flagler counties of North Central Florida.title

The allure to giving Lake Crescent a try was its reputation for having big crappie.

The lake is about 13 miles long and 2 miles wide. Its crescent shape accounts for its name. At the north end it connects to the St. Johns River by way of Dunn’s Creek. On the other end a deep canal connects it to Dead Lake. That canal proved to be a great hiding spot from the wind and also produced some nice crappie.

Although there were plenty of anglers having success while anchored up and fishing minnows under bobbers, the most popular strategy was long-lining jigs tipped with minnows.

We fished six rods rigged with 1/16 ounce Road Runners. Colorful plastic tails in pink, orange, and yellowtitle were added for action. The hook was tipped with small lively minnows. A trolling speed of about .5 MPH produced the crappie in 8 to 10 feet of water. The largest measured 14.75 inches, a decent crappie by anyone’s standard. 

First timers should just look for the boats. Those boats will have already found the fish. Move into the area and use your favorite crappie techniques and you are sure to catch a mess for dinner, and maybe one of bragging size.

For lodging we were fortunate to find the Sprague House. A great little bed and breakfast located within minutes of the boat dock. Proprietors Amy and Jeff Haston are the ultimate hosts. Jeff even pulled out an extension cord so I could charge my trolling batteries for the next days fishing. They know how to accommodate fishermen and everyone else.  alt

The Sprague House has served as a lodging establishment since 1902 when the wife of Dr. Guilford Sprague a physician and the town’s first mayor purchased the home for his wife Catherine. History reports that the home was opened as a rooming house to the sea captains and sailors from the steam ships. Guests are known to include Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Booker T. Washington and William Jennings Bryan.alt

Crappie anglers like to get an early start, but don’t go so early you miss a home cooked breakfast from Amy. That first morning’s offering of grits, sausage, eggs and pancakes (or toast if desired) was complemented with coffee and juice. What a great start to our fishing day.

Don’t wait too long to give this friendly area of Florida your undivided attention for a day or two. You won’t be disappointed.

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