Southwest Florida Fishing Forecast - August 2021

07/30/2021 12:49 PM | Ron Presley (Administrator)

Getter Done
by Capt. Greg Stamper

We move into August with a good understanding of what has happened in July. When we had a bit of a scare from a storm named Elsa. Nothing happened that was unexpected for this time of the year, and we got through with no issues. Those rains will continue for awhile and there is a good thing about that. Back Bay fishing will continue to be predictable, the nearshore bite will be more about wind direction, and offshore fishing will be great for those out past 150 feet of water.

Starting off with the back bay fishing is important in August, as water quality is a big deal. Red tide has been nonexistent in Southwest Florida as of the last week in July, and minus one small push several months ago things are going very well. The rain is a good thing, and it keeps things consistent for another two months. Mouths of rivers, creeks, and even drainage areas will be fantastic. All those little morsels of food will be flowing full speed daily, based on when the sheet flow gets to them. Tarpon especially the juvenile size along with snook will be your best bet.

Offshore has been fantastic in July. This month will be ditto, but some different fish will now become targets. Those fishing deep last month crushed red snapper from 140 feet plus regularly. One of the benefits of being out that far, i.e., 40-70 miles out depending on your port, is the bi catch. This month target gag grouper, porgies, tuna, and certainly Aj’s for fun times. There will still be plenty of opportunities for red grouper in 100 feet out.

Nearshore is again a wind game. Storms will be a bit of an issue, but usually not till after 2-3pm. Getter done and get home is the best bet. Typically, you will have East wind early, calm winds midday, and then the sea breeze takes over before the storms unleashed.  Those that want tarpon and permit will have no problem catching them this month. An occasional cobia will be added to the mix, with a few snappers off the same bottom.

Tight lines Capt. Greg Stamper
Fort Myers beach, Fl

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